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Addiction - S01 E23 (Story Episode)

Addiction - S01  E23 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 23

chioma's POV
continued from look last episode

he took of my bra and threw it to the floor, I have to stop emeka from all this( I thought), I can’t just let him barge into my room and use me as his sex experiment anytime he fe..fe..feels..oh yeah,pls don’t stop(I whispered loudly) as emeka’s tongue was licking my nipples..

I felt like heaven on earth as emeka was busy licking my body from my neck down to my my boobs like someone who was starved sex for years,emeka quickly reached for his jeans and brought a gold circle from his pocket,
while waiting for him to insert the CD, I used it as an opportunity to finger myself in order not to be turned off..

he tore the pack with his teeth as his Dickson stood like a soldier saluting and waiting for order..

I swallowed my saliva as I saw his massive d--k,God does this guy’s d--k grows everyday?(I thought) then I felt something forcefully entered my p---y,oh God am about to c-m(I whispered loudly)…

chioma's mum's POV
this girl thinks she will just be in her room all day and leave me here,it will not work oo(as I looked for salt to add to the brand new soup am preparing for the visitors),oh the container is empty, lemme quickly send chioma to rush and buy(I said) as I walked out of the kitchen to chioma’s room, suddenly I heard a knock on the door,who is there?(I called),am coming ooo..

chioma's POV
emeka that my mum’s voice, I said getting up(as emeka’s d--k came out of my p---y),see you tomorrow ( he said) as he picked his clothes and jeans and ran out through the window, I looked at myself and saw the mess I created on my bedsheet,my squirt was everywhere..

I quickly got up to get a clean rag from the kitchen and cleaned the mess then I put on my panties,bra and a,new clothes…


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