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Gardener's Daughter - S01 E40 (Story Episode)

Gardener's Daughter - S01  E40 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 40


“Have had enough..just let go my daughter or we’ll all die here..!”Teca said..

“Hmm..am not doing anything until I Know d reason my mom was kidnapped..!”.Fernando said as Isadora dipped her hands in her pocket and stabbed Fernando on his leg..”you bastard..you think you can get hold of me..you are just a big fool..!”Isadora said as Fernando fell to d ground..

Meanwhile the cops were already surrounding d area as Miguel joined captain aleandro..he had gone to d station earlier to see captain and met them going to meet d captain so he followed them as well..”are u sure they are there..?”Miguel asked..”yes..I saw them entering there..!”captain aleandro said..”let’s go in..then..what are we waiting for..for someone to die in there..?”Miguel said..”we can’t go there for now..or else we might get ambushed..”

“Well I can’t stay here and do nothing..am going in..!”Miguel said entering the warehouse..”hey come back..here..!”the captain and other back up cops spread in different angles..

“Your mother has always been our number one priority you fool..we used u… Fernando..we never liked you..and so since you about to die..you and your stupid mother need to Know something..!”isadora said as Roxana cried out loud..just then Miguel from behind..hits Teca with a big stick as he collected the gun from…Teca falls and hits his head on a rock..and started bleeding..”d--n..!”Isadora shoots as Miguel dogged it..he grabs the gun from Isadora “let me go..let go of me..you bastard..!”Isadora said

“Am not letting you go until I get the gun..you monster..how could you do this..I see you have no heart..!”Miguel said still struggling the gun from Isadora as Roxana and Rosie tried loosing their ropes..wounded.. Fernando tried to get up..as Isadora kicks Miguel under his private part..he falls down..as Isadora points the gun at Rosie and Fernando..”who’s gonna die.. first..who’s gonna die first.. let’s say..mini..mini..ma ni mo..oops..it’s Rosie..”isadora said laughing out loud..”don’t you even dare..!”Fernando said..”watch me do..”isadora said as she wants to shoot Rosie..he pushed Rosie away and collected the three bullets..she was supposed to shoot Rosie but ended up shooting Fernando..”no..no..!”Isadora shouted..”that’s good..you turned out to be a hero..you brat..after all dis b---h did to you..u still took a bullet for her..u so stupid..!”Isadora said laughing as Rosie was still trying to free herself from the ropes..crying..as Roxana tried to help..her… Fernando was laying half dead..”I’m gonna kill you all d same way I murdered your father..yes I killed your father dat day..your bastard father..!”Isadora said smiling..”my..father..!”Miguel stood up with strength as he collected the gun from Isadora…Isadora picked a gun on the floor as they points it at each other..

“Let’s see who pulls d trigger first..?”Isadora said..as Rosie free herself from the ropes with Roxana as they both stood by Miguel’s side..”you are making a big mistake..don’t do this now..cmon..please..you making a big crime..!”Rosie pleaded”just shut up..have had enough of that ugly b---h voice of URS..”Isadora said..”you killed my father..I ll kill you here..why did you..why..he never offended u..!”Miguel said..as Isadora points d gun to Miguel..they both faced each other as.. isadora shoots in the air.. Miguel fired Isadora straight on her chests..took the bomb timer..as he told Roxana and Rosie to run away from the building..Miguel tried to help Fernando his brother before the building explode..”just go..just go..brother..!”Fernando said with tears in his eyes..”no no..I can’t leave u here bro..I Know u have done alot of bad but I can’t leave u to die here..I need u..brother..!”Miguel cried out loud Fernando gave up d ghost..the bomb exploded as Rosie..roxana and Miguel falls out d building..*

The cops called the ambulance and they were rushed to.. Roxana..Rosie and Miguel..d hospital..Isadora.. Fernando and Teca died in the hospital..*

They say bad people have bad endings..well the story has finally come to an end..Rosie and Miguel finally got married… though it wasn’t easy loosing a brother but he got to fit..in
“Yes I do..!”Rosie shouted out while kissing Miguel

The End


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