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Addiction - S01 E24 (Story Episode)

Addiction - S01  E24 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 24

Chioma's POV

immediately i got dressed,I quickly slammed my door and rushed to meet my mother as she ushered the visitors in,em,meet my daughter chioma(she said,holding me by the shoulder), hello dear, how you doing? (a young man in his late 40’s said,stretching his arm for a handshake which I returned),am fine sir,I replied(faking a smile),I have heard so much about you,you seems like a very brilliant girl,pls I want you to don’t relent on your studies(he said), my mum was already in the kitchen trying to make sure she cooks the sweetest meal for the guest,by the way you can call me Mr Tony(he finally spoke),and you can call me miss Anita, said a young lady beside him in her 30’s also stretching her hand for a handshake,and he is my brother Tony,nice to meet you miss Anita(I said) returning her handshake…

chioma?,I heard my mother’s voice from the kitchen,I quickly ran to her in haste,biko help me quickly rush to that mallam down the road and buy me salt, okay I replied as I collected
the 50naira from her and walked out down the street,it 6:o’clock already so it getting a bit dark outside..

who could those visitors be?,never seen them before in my life, and why I mum treating them like one VIP?, I need to find out(still in my deep thought) then emeka came into my mind again,God I can’t believe emeka f----d me again, this nonsense have to stop,I think am getting really addicted to sex because of emeka,he came to my room not once not twice but thrice to f--k me,and I opened my legs for him like third mainland bridge, I was still thinking while I got to the mallam’s shop and bought the salt and started heading back home,i was 3 houses to my house when some group of boys blocked me and I almost froze to death,they surrounded me while they smack their lips looking at my body,chai omo see booby(one of the boys commented), I looked round to see if I could shout for help but no soul in sight…

pls what do you guys want?(I asked in fear as I was breathing hard),one of them standing at my back spanked my ass which made it vibrated, in fear I turned to look at him,what kind of rubbish is that( I shouted) eehen,you dey form ajebo abi(he replied, as he looked round) then somebody covered my mouth as he picked me up and they took me to an uncompleted building as I wiggled my legs in the air, then they covered my mouth with tape and tied my hands with rope to the wall…
so guys who go knack first?one them asked,in no time one of them pulled down my jeans and tore my panties exposing my p---y…

omo her p---y still dey wet ooo,e be like say e never tay where this girl f--k,anyway I go start first(said a guy in dread who might be their boss,as he pulled down his trousers…

meanwhile in chioma’s house, chioma mum was discussing with the visitors when she checked her watch and realized chioma has taken too long,

Chioma Mum's POV
wait oo,I sent this girl to buy me something and till now she’s not here,it 6:30pm already,I hope she’s okay? calm down, am sure she’s on her way here(Mr tony said) as they continued on their discussion, uhm Anita pls can you excuse us for a minute(Mr Tony said) as he stood up from his seat and sat close to mine,okay how bout I go and check chioma?,miss Anita said as she head for the door…

Chioma'S POV
I felt helpless, oh God pls help me(I prayed silently) but nobody could hear me around,so this is how I will be ganged raped by unknown guys(I thought) as tears poured down my eyes…

he separated my legs and was about inserting his huge d--k into me…


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