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Addiction - S01 E25 (Story Episode)

Addiction - S01  E25 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 25

continued from last episode…
while tears poured down my cheeks,I shut my eyes and prayed a short silent prayer,”GOD PLEASE HAVE MERCY”,I could hear the remaining boys laughing and making dirty jokes about me…

oya start fast na,one of them yelled. as the guy in dread separated my legs and was about f-----g me,the tip of his d--k has already entered my p---y when suddenly we heard sirens blaring all over the atmosphere,mogbe” POLICE(they all yelled)which made all of them scattered to different directions,the guy on me ran and jump through the window and fell in a little hole which twisted his ankles, but he kept running with his bad leg…
then I opened my eyes and saw nobody in the room,suddenly the siren stopped as a boy in a hood holding an iPhone 6 came into the room,I couldn’t see his face clearly as he covered his face..

he quickly untied me and remove the tape from my mouth, are you okay?(he asked) as he took off his hood, oh my God this guy is cute,where is he from?’I was so carried away by his good looks, pink lips,curly hair like an afcast,will you quit staring at me and dress up and get out of here(he yelled), oh sorry I was wondering how did you find me here?(I asked)he didn’t even give me a reply as he ran out while I followed him,hey am asking you a question? (I shouted),will you just go and stop asking me silly questions (he said) as he mounted on a bicycle and rode off…

I stood their staring as he disappeared out of sight,is it wrong to ask him how he found me?, he didn’t even give me a chance to say thank you,and by the way where are the police that were blaring their siren just now? (looking around) then I saw my salt on the floor same spot where they grabbed me,I quickly picked it an ran for my dear life.. I was almost close to my house when I bumped into somebody who almost fell to the ground, chioma where were you? (the person said) I looked at the person and saw that it was miss Anita,we are looking all over for you, what happened? (she asked),I was almost raped by some men(I said in fear),raped? how? when? where?(she asked) pls let go inside (I said) as she held my shoulder while we got to our entrance,we entered and saw my mum and Mr tony laughing very hard but when they saw me their face changed,chioma what happened?,my mum asked as she rushed to me,I felt weak and cold to answer as a result of the stress I had today, first emeka f----d me and secondly I was almost raped in the cold outside..

what happened?,I heard my mum asking miss Anita when suddenly i blacked out….

I blinked my eyes little by little and saw myself in my room lying down with my mum and miss Anita sitting beside me,I turned to my mum and saw her in tears,thank God you’re awake (she muttered), I wanted to stand up but I felt weak to sit up,chioma did they rape you? (my mum asked), no mum(i replied weakly).. I was on my way home when some boys blocked me and surrounded me,before I could shout for help,they picked me up and carried me to an uncompleted building where they took off my clothes and tied me up,I was about to be raped when suddenly we heard siren which made them ran away and left me Alone in the building..
then a boy a bit older than me came i n, untied me and left mysteriously, he didn’t even let me say thank you..

and what about the police (my mum asked),I looked round but I never any sign of them(I replied), thank God you were not raped,it my fault I sent you look out late (she said) as she touched my forehead,you’re burning up,lemme get you some medicine(as she stood up to leave).

there was a knock at the door as Mr Tony came in with food on a tray,oh chioma you’re awake,how you feeling(he asked) as he dropped the tray beside me on my bed,am fine(I replied), thank you for your help (my mum said to him(rubbing his shoulder),I pretended not to notice, wait oo,is there something going on between my mum and Mr Tony? (I thought).lemme go bring the medicine instead, miss Anita said, as she head to the first aid box in the kitchen directed to her by my mum..

chioma there’s something I wanted to tell you(my mum said) as she held Mr Tony on his hands and showed me a ring on her finger,Mr tony and I are getting married(she said)..


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