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Addiction - S01 E26 (Story Episode)

Addiction - S01  E26 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 26

WHAT?(I shouted) sitting up from my bed in shock, what do you mean you’re getting married mum?(I asked),look baby I know i should have told you at first but because I was scared of what you might say(she said) holding my arms..

we’ve known each other for over six months now,you know you always tell me how you wished you have a father who will be there for you day and night,pls I want you to accept him as your father…

chioma I love your mother with all my heart and soul(Mr tony said. as he sat down beside me), I promise to always be there for both of you..okay fine I accept for you to marry my mum,I interrupted him(making them grin excitedly as he rubbed my mum’s shoulder and we did a group hug,why we were still hugging, the door opened and miss Anita came in and saw us hugging, awwwn,you all look cute together (she said) as she brought out her phone…

you guys stay like that lemme take a picture,we all stood and smiled,say cheese (she yelled),CHEESE(we replied) and she took three pictures, okay chioma here is your drug(said miss Anita),Mr tony AKA my Dad collected it gave to me to drink,I will eat by myself (I said) as they all told me good night and left my room..

I started eating for like 5minutes then I washed my hands and drop my tray on the floor…

now am on the bed staring at my ceiling, deep in thought with lots of questions on my mind,will it be right if I accept emeka’s proposal?no I can’t,emeka is a beast who is trying to use me as his sex machine, this will be the last time he will touch me cause he almost tore my p---y apart with his rod,thank God I was able to flush his sperm that he released inside me,need to focus on my books now and stay away from sex,I was still in thought then I suddenly fell asleep…

it 6:0clock in the morning, I flicked my eyes open with a yawn as I dragged myself to the bathroom for a cold shower which took me 20minutes,then I cleaned myself with a towel and applied some cream on my body and little lip gloss,brushed my hair before wearing my uniforms..

I quickly did my maths assignment which was easy to me then I heard a knock on my door,come in(I yelled)and my dad(Mr tony) head popped out of my door (with a smile),chioma are you ready (he asked),yes I am just want to pack up all my books (I replied)okay pls hurry lemme drive you to school before going to work..

drive?,wait do you have a car?(I asked)..yes na,didn’t you see it outside?(he asked too),okay am done am coming(I said excitedly) as he heads and closes the door,wow this is so cool,I can’t believe he has a car, I said(jumping up and running out)…

I met miss Anita serving breakfast to everybody,wow this is like a dream come true to me, I hope this is real (I thought) as I sat down to eat,good morning miss Anita,morning chioma(she replied) ,how was your night?,fine(I replied) as I was eating my breakfast then my mum came in,chioma how do you feel now (she asked)..I feel good pararararara(I replied) causing all of them to laugh..
we were all done eating then we head out and I saw a brand new shiny range Rover packed outside, wow (I said with amazement), how come I never saw it yesterday?…


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