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Addiction - S01 E27 (Story Episode)

Addiction - S01  E27 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 27

Chioma's POV
**we entered the car,my mum sat down at the front seat while I sat down at the back together with miss Anita..

I was inside,feeling the AC inside the car like a village girl, I looked outside through the mirror and found out we are close to my school,gosh I wish we could just reverse,go back and come again because of this Ac(I thought),and we are here, I heard my mum said from the front seat as I got down and waved to everyone,see you after school(my mum said)..

as she was about giving me 200naira to use for lunch, why don’t you take this, mr tony said(holding a 500naira note) I quickly collected it and rejected my mum’s 200naira,is not every time you will be giving me 200(I said),leaving my mum’s mouth open as Mr tony and miss anita bursted with laughter…

assembly has just started as I joined them, we sang the national anthem and some other things until the principal announced a health doctor to teach us on some things we need to know on sexual health, I decided not to pay attention until I heard something that caught my attention, he said people who have sex without protection have high chance of getting STI or STD which includes HIV and AIDS so what you need to do is to make sure you get tested or you’re digging your own grave….

that when my heart started beating fast,could I have STD or STI? I had sex with emeka once without condom,because I don’t know who emeka might have slept with, I was been careless to let emeka have sex with me without condom…

we were almost done with assembly as the seniors were giving punishment to students who came late,they were asked to kneel down,

meanwhile i was late too for school because of what i did last night,a girl who stayed close to me and a very close friend invited me to her house to keep her company that her parent travelled and left her with her little sis at home so went around 7 at night to her house and met her having dinner with her sister, we talked for some while while her sis was focused on the TV,I tried to make her laugh which she did until our eyes met then I slid my hand underneath her skirt thinking she will react and get annoyed but she didn’t so I started rubbing her thighs and started fingering her as she moaned a little..

let go to my room she whispered to me,immediately i entered her room she took off her top and pushed me to bed,I fell like an idiot as she took off my belt And pulled down my trousers and stared giving me a blow job which took me to paradise,it became heated that she took off her skirt and underwear and inserted my d--k in her p---y while she was untop of me,I couldn’t take it anymore as I lay untop of her,spread her leg to f--k the life out of her when she said,do you have protection?, no I don’t but I promise to pull out before it enters, are you sure? (she asked ),trust me(I replied) then I inserted it massively ..then her door opened..

we quickly turned and saw her sister staring at us…..lemme forget what happened yesterday night jor(I thought)
as i entered the school and saw the headboy giving punishment to the Juniors i felt relief that i won’t be among, immediately the head boy (chike) saw me,he walked quickly to me..

emeka,pls can we talk(chike said),am listening(I replied) turning my face away and nodding my head,emeka pls don’t tell anybody what you saw concerning me and Isabella yesterday, look are you giving me punishment or what(I asked him),emeka pls I will do what ever you want don’t just tell anybody (he said pleadingly) you sure(I asked him),cross my heart…

To Be Continued...


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