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Story: My Bestie - Season 1 Episode 4

Story: My Bestie - Season 1 Episode 4

Tina POV

I considered everything Roy said about Tena , it wasn’t bad at all, i don’t why am feeling this way, After all she doesn’t live around the neighborhood..

So I decided to forget about said about her..today is the first day of resumption I can’t let unnecessary feelings ruin my day as well as my relationship with Roy..I just need to relax…

****Finally we got to school…Omg..

Everyone was looking great and stunning , some got a new uniform others made different hair and as always Roy got the attention of many girls, they were all surrounding him and his new hair cut was the talk of the whole school…“*Its break time and still girls are around Roy flirting with him, unlike my Roy he will excuse himself from from them but now I think he is enjoying it and this made meto be feeling somehow, the more I try to prevent the emotions from ruling me the more it controls me..

What “” JEALOUSY ”No..it can’t be..Tina, what’s wrong with u, Roy is your Bestie and nothing more, so free yourself from this unusual feeling that is subduing you..my subconscious told me..I quickly excuse myself from the place he was and went to the cafeteria to get a soda so that I can cool myself...

I don’t really understand myself..Is it because I missed Roy too much or what??.. I began to ask myself..

****I was trying to calm my nerves when I heard a voice..Hey pretty.. The voice said..I turned ..oh my god..is this an angel..he is too cute and gorgeous, but wait is face doesn’t look familiar..Is he new or what..Hi..the guy said..Hi..i replied..Am Jasmine.. Newly admitted student.. He said… Oh I see… am Tina..I replied..We both stare at each other for some minutes before he finally break the silence..“” can I sit??…he asked..Sure …i said..He then drag a chair and sat beside ..


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